Top 14 Digital Marketing Modules List 2021

Digital Marketing Module - Lesson 2

There are numerous options you can choose to work in digital marketing. Here is the top 14 Digital Marketing Modules list 2021.

Top 14 Digital Marketing Modules List 2021

Digital Marketing Overview

Digital marketing helps to promote the business and services through digital media i.e Website, Social media, Email and Mobile app etc. It helps to increase the visibility of the product brand or services to reach out to the customer directly.

Website Creation

Website creation helps to promote businesses and services as well as increase customer traffic. In this, the website can be created through HTML or WordPress platform. It requires a strong domain and web hosting for business identity such as .com, .in, .org. There is no coding required for a WordPress website, You just select the theme and plugins to customize your website. Furthermore, web creation can be used for blog purposes where it increases customer traffic.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the strategy of sending a group of emails to the targeted customer through some tools. Keep engage the reader with your latest post via newsletter. The readers will get updates about the services whenever the owner posts services in the future.

Social Media Marketing

The best way to promote and increase traffic by focusing on customer interest and their behavior searching. You have to post the latest information daily on the social account. So that, the audiences get engage with the post. There are several opportunities to get aware about the services such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube. It’s the owner’s choice of how to promote the service (Free or Paid).

Google Adwords/ PPC

Google Adwords helps to promote the business and services on Google search, other websites and videos by spending the money on ads. An AdWords account requires a minimum of Rs 500 amount to run ads. It’s your choice how much money spend on ads for a particular time period. Additionally, Google provides an Adword certification program through an online exam and certification has valid for 1 year.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a digital tool to monitor and analysis customer traffic on your website. It’s easy to track which country do they come from, which page do they go to, how much time they spend and what actions they take with the help of analytics. Firstly, it requires to register the website for free to see the live active user on your website. Then, you will get an idea of about the article which is highly demanded by customers and promote that particular page.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Website creation and uploading content are not enough to do for your purpose. Search Engine Optimisation is essential to improve the website (On-page and Off-page) correctly to grow the business and services.

On-page SEO includes title, meta description, tags, content, internal links and URL. Off-page SEO includes backlinks. This process helps to increase awareness about he website and visibility on the search engine.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a strategic marketing approach to focus on target audiences through writing relevant content includes blogs, ebooks, social media posts, reviews, videos etc. It requires to expand the customer base and engage with online users. There is a huge demand for content marketing in the industry.

Ecommerce Website Marketing

Ecommerce website creation is a service to sell and buy the product online. In this, the product catalog uploaded with the description on the website. There is a high demand for e-commerce website developers in the industry. The skills in digital marketing are generally used in eCommerce marketing such as advertisement, banner, social media etc.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the strategy to attract the customer by your products and services. So that, they are ready to buy. For this, landing page of your prospectus can be created to capture the lead and sell the services. Some tools can be used to attract customers such as email marketing, social Media, popup, newsletters etc.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a purpose to earn a commission by the performance base marketing from the other brand products. You can use the other brand product link, ad banner on your website or other platforms. These days everyone can earn the money at home with the help of affiliate marketing. It requires to register the affiliate form and share the bank details on an affiliate program website.

YouTube as a Career

These days YouTuber is a promising career option. This platform gives the chance to explore individual talent and skill to show the world by creating videos. There are several options to earn money as a Youtuber includes monetize your videos, sponsorship, collaboration with brands etc.

Adsense and Blogging

Google Adsense program helps bloggers by monetizing and shows ads to content on the website. And, the commission will earn by user clicks on the ads. There are some tips to follow for the blog such as title, headings, images, content, 2000-3000 words, no copied content etc. Blogging can start with your own website or other free platforms.

How to get Freelance Projects

Now the main question arises that how to get freelance projects and how to explore your knowledge in the market? Don’t worry, there are some freelancer websites to offer you to register your work. You just need to update the services you offer and set a pricing plan. Then, interested buyers will contact and buy your services. You can also promote the services on your social media or run paid ads as per your requirement.


This is a list of the top 14 digital marketing modules that you need to know. There is a vast field and has a career opportunity to learn. These modules can learn from the online course or from institutions.

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