Oneplus OxygenOS Merged With ColorOS

Oneplus OxygenOS Merged With ColorOS

OnePlus announced the merger of its Android OxygenOS skin with Oppo’s ColorOS to improve efficiency and standardise the software experience. The Chinese company’s new move came a few weeks after announcing its formal merger with Oppo in terms of operations. OnePlus and Oppo, a subsidiary of the Guangdong-based conglomerate BBK Electronics, have been cooperating closely for some time. Later, the two companies decided to disclose their cooperation after integrating their research and development (R&D) resources. Now, Oneplus OxygenOS merged with ColorOS

In a forum post, OnePlus announced the merger of OxygenOS and ColorOS, emphasizing that the changes will be completed at the code base level. It means that end-users are unlikely to notice any major changes within a period of time.

OxygenOS is still OS for OnePlus users worldwide, but it is now based on a more stable and reliable platform, the company said.

OnePlus added that the update will be applied to its new devices in the future, and for existing devices that are still under maintenance. The code base integration between OxygenOS and ColorOS will be done with Android 12 through OTA (OTA).

This change is helping to OnePlus provide stable and timely software updates. Considering the challenges it faced in some of the previous updates and the time required to update the old hardware. The company really needs to pay attention to these updates.

Oneplus Extented Software Updates Plans

OnePlus also announced its extended software maintenance plan. It’s expected to provide three major Android updates and four-year security updates for flagship phones including T and R models. As well as OnePlus 8 and newer phones. However, for the original OnePlus Nord and newer Nord models, as well as OnePlus Nord CE 5G. The company decided to provide two major Android updates and three-year security updates.

OnePlus Nord N mobile phone’s maintenance plan has been further reduced. They promising to provide only one major Android update and security update within three years. This applies from OnePlus Nord N10 and OnePlus Nord N100, and will continue to be used in future OnePlus Nord N phones.

OnePlus’ extended service plan does not apply to flagship devices released before the OnePlus 8 series. Because they will continue to follow the original schedule, which includes two major Android updates and three-year security updates.

Earlier this year, OnePlus replaced the native HydrogenOS of all its flagship models in China with Oppos ColorOS. This development took place a few months after OnePlus and Oppo deepened their R&D resources.

After the Oneplus OxygenOS merged with ColorOS, It is not clear how it differs from ColorOS. Despite being part of BBK and sharing resources, the recent integration has also challenged OnePlus’s independence in marketing for a period of time with OPPO.

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