Introduction to Digital Marketing : Overview

Introduction to Digital Marketing - Lesson 1

Do you interested to get knowledge about digital marketing and excel in your career in it. Check out this introduction to Digital Marketing.

Digital media has become very popular these days for easy and fast work. It’s increasingly integrated into marketing plans and everyday life. With the advent of new technologies, digital marketing is rising and evolving career path. After this course, I am pretty sure you can join a reputed company with a high-level package. Also, you can start your own business and services.

Let’s talk about the introduction of Digital Marketing.

What is Digital Marketing – Introduction to Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a platform where consumers can easily be reached by the usage of the internet. You can promote your products & services by desktop, mobile & online digital media. It is a vast field and has a career opportunity to learn many things like web design, social media marketing, freelancer etc.

Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

The benefits of digital marketing over traditional are as follow:

Wide Reach

Traditional marketing can reach the customer through newspapers, magazines, pamphlets. Where, digital marketing uses digital platforms, social media, websites or online ads.

Brand Awareness

Digital marketing helps to company increase its brand awareness or service visibility according to the latest trend. Whereby, people recognize a product by its name. People choose those brand that provides the best quality or price.

For example – The giant industry of cold drink, Coca-Cola and Pepsi are relying on making the strategy to increase brand awareness among consumers.


In traditional marketing, companies spend a bunch of amounts on an advertisement or banners for brand growth. Where digital marketing, companies can set the budget for how much cost spend on the product advertisement on each ad.


The digital marketing targeting method identifies and using the data of consumer’s preference by their interest, behavior, demographics, and fulfill their needs.

Targeting is very essential to know how much do you want to spend, where do want to spend, where do want to target. Where face difficulty in identifying consumer interest or behaviour in traditional marketing.

Generate Potentional Lead

Digital marketing helps to boost up sales and generate potential leads through email marketing, social media campaign and other campaigns. Where traditional marketing strategy uses email, cold calling and referral networking, which difficult for companies to track, read and engage with the customers.

Add Extra Outlet (Affiliate Marketing)

Affiliate marketing is a trending program to earn a commission by the performance base marketing from the other brand products/ advertisers.

How can Digital Marketing help you ?

Digital marketing has become important for everyone in everyday life. With the development of social media in the 2000s, Consumers have become highly dependent on digital electronics in their everyday lives.

DM greatly helps you to accelerate in your work area and business life. If you go for a job, you will get a high package in the company. For business purposes, It helps marketers reach customers in a personalized way to connect with their product or service. Also, you can start your own business and services as a full-time and part-time.

You can start as a freelancer, affiliate marketing, blogger, social media marketing, web designer or many more. It will be very helpful for developing a business.

Who can learn digital marketing ?

In digital marketing, Anyone can learn this digital marketing at any stage for self-growth and there is no age limit. It does not require any expertise and skills. There are 3 things you need to learn in digital marketing like Desktop, Laptop and Internet. With the coming of digital marketing, brands and business are increased.

How to learn digital marketing ?

Well, is up to your determination and dedication to learning digital marketing. The resources are easily available on the internet which you will pay (Approximate Rs 60,000-70,000) to the institute. You will save your money on your own and try to learn through free watching videos or blogs.

Do join digital marketing organizations as an internship, they give you the training from beginning to end. Do some practices on a regular basis and ask to experience person in this field.

At the end, I would say keep practicing and spend few weeks for this course to apply the digital marketing concept.

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