Tips for First Time Air Travel

Tips for First Time Air Travel

People are very excited and always remember about their first flight. Flying at 30000 feet, you will never forget to see the beautiful view from under the cloud. Some people are afraid to fly and never fly. You first need to follow some tips for first time air travel instructions and check which documents are required to be carried. Once you have booked your flight and hotel accommodation, you are ready to start your adventure. Let’s check the tips for first time air travel.

Tips for First Time Air Travel

Book your ticket

Once you made the decision to travel on the flight , you ought to book the tickets from air ticket booking apps like Goibibo, Makemytrip, Yatra, Skyscanner etc. you’ll get special offers on air tickets while using the discount coupons. Once you booked your ticket, before 48 hours from depart you’ll web check-in & select available seats.

Documents collect

You need to carry the necessary documents for flight.
• Domestic Flight – Air ticket and Identical Proof.
• International Flight – Air ticket, Passport, Visa, Foreign currency, Travel Insurance, Invitation letter.

Prepare for Flight

Bring all the required documents and follow the airline instructions. you should to packing the luggage as per airline rules and confirm the weight of luggage won’t exceed the given weight by airline. There’s different weight rules for Domestic & flight. If you exceed the weight then you’ve got to buy luggage(you pay inside the airport). you’ll carry handbag also.

Go for Check in

When you reached to Airport, check the screen where all the flight departing time are showing & check which counter you ought to go or go on to airline counter whichever airline you propose to travel. you’ll give your air ticket & Id proof to the counter. They will collect your luggage and give you the boarding pass.

Security Check

After collecting, you go for security check. You have take off your phone, jacket, laptop outside for inspection. The security officer will stamp in your hand carry and boarding card , if you successfully complete it.
If you’re getting to abroad you’ve got to undergo immigration check. you’ve to show all of your documents visa, boarding card , passport and invitation letter, If they found anything suspect they will reject your flight.
After complete all the procedure, you need to wait for boarding to plane, you might need to show you boarding card again and that they may turn the piece of it. you’ll need the shuttle to boarding in plane.

Insight the flight

Take you seat, you’ve got seat number in your boarding card. The cabin crew will close the doors when all passengers are in the plane. Before begin , they’re going to take you through some safety demonstration (Don’t worry this is often regular route of any flight.).

Before take off, it’s going to increase noise. There’ll some signal for seatbelt and smoking. you’re not allowed to standup while seatbelt signal shows. While take off, could be you are feeling vomiting & headache (who aren’t regularly traveling). Once it goes to the certain height, the captain sees fit close up the signal. After it you’ll attend the washroom, you’ve got eat food.

After landing

As the wheel touch the runway, then increase the noise because the aircraft goes slow. The plane will take you to terminal. Don’t get up even the plane stops, you’ve to wait for signal of belt sign turning off. you might need shuttle to travel to terminal from plane. Once you go inside immigration authorities will ask for your passport just in case of international flight. Then you’ll reclaim your Babbage. After it you’ll follow the exit way.

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