Xiaomi Mi 2i 10000mAH Powerbank: Price & Specifications

Xiaomi Mi 2i 10000mAH Powerbank

Xiaomi has been launched the Mi 2i 10000mAH powerbank i.e “Made in India” powerbank, Mi 2i only available in India in 2017. When Xiaomi 10000mAh Power Bank was launched price was Rs 1,199. Now price has been drop down which is Rs. 799 rupees. These are available in 3 colors Black, Red & Blue.

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Mi 2i 10000mAH Powerbank Specification

It seems to be the best quality power bank and its design is better than all the other power bank and we can do it easily in our pocket.


  • This power bank with 10000mAh capacity has Lithium polymer batteries. Which has a capacity of 3.85V rated capacity.
  • In this, we get 2 USB Output and two way quick charging support.
  • According to Xiaomi, we can charge this power bank with 18w charger and standard USB cable in 4.2 Hour and 10w charger and standard USB cable in 6.2 hours.
  • It is 14.2nm meter thin and weighs 245g, that is, we can keep it very comfortably in our pocket like a mobile phone.
  • According to Xiaomi, it can full charge Xiaomi Mi A1 in 2.2 hours, iPhone 7 in 3.5 hours.

The best part of Mi 2i 10000mah Powerbank is the support for dual input, which eliminates the need to carry two cables. You will be able to use MicroUSB cable or USB Type-C cable to charge the power bank. It also has dual USB output, which means that you will be able to charge two devices at once. The 10,000mAh Redmi power bank comes with support for 10W fast charging. The 20,000mAh power bank supports 18W fast charge.
It also comes with smart low power mode. When you press the power button twice, it enters smart low power mode. In this mode, the power bank optimizes the voltage wisely.

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